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Behind the Haunted Castle adjacent to the Myers Salvage is the outdoor haunt of Phryte Gardens.  Walk through the field of screams into the darkness with moonlight glimpses of Voorhees Lake. Pay your respect to the Phryte Family at what should be their final resting place.  Although they were known to be buried in the fields of Phryte Garden, groundskeepers cannot fully explain the movements, sights, and sounds that can be heard after dark. Pass through what’s left of the town formally known as Phryteville. Hear the laughter of the Phryte children as they played, listen carefully for the whispers of the students in the abandoned school. Enter at your own risk because no one quite knows how the Phryte family will feel about visitors through their sanctuary.  Many have entered Phryte Gardens but not all have returned.  You have been warned!

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